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Monday, 31 October 2011


So I have had insomnia. It makes me a very cranky and very fragile. I can barely keep this shit together. But... usually, every day I laugh. And since most of us suffer with insomnia in cycles I was wondering how I could share that gift of laughter with you.

I am not sure you'll get quite the kick out if it that I do, I actually just spat a mouth full of water over the floor... again.

My kitty Cooper refuses to acknowledge my insomnia and instead has decided to assume the position of head pain the ass and mini terrorist which involves him waking me when I do finally sleep.

This is what he woke me with this morning. 

Sigh, it's a shame he is so flipping cute.


  1. LOL! This is wonderful and amazing! Even more so because you caught it on film!

  2. That really made me smile Marzi. What a mad little kitty you have.

  3. ummmm...what IS he doing marzi???

  4. Cooper's way of saying "Mum, you're out of tissues".

  5. Does there exist a box that our cats have NOT tried to climb into. He he heeheehehehehehe


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