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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Voices from the Shadows

All around the world, even now as we speak children are taken from mothers and the gravely ill are sectioned in psychiatric wards. ME/CFS has a torrid history and the medical profession is left useless in its wake, relying then on the tried and true strategy of blaming this enigmatic illness on the patient.

We who suffer with this illness, become cynical and hardened by the constant fight. By the need every day to gather the willpower to choose to keep fighting this unwinnable battle, while on the sidelines the medical profession yells taunts and derision at us. Their inability to puzzle out our illness, makes them condescending and dismissive. They are stymied by  ME/CFS and rather than treating it as a common enemy, they turn on us.

Right now in Spain a very sick child has been taken from her very ill mother. Even though leading Spanish ME specialists have declared that the child has acute ME and should not attend school on days she is too weak. Even though a judge declared that challenges made by the government to remove guardianship from the mother (also sick with ME) was not in the child's best interests. Even then, the Spanish government has taken this child and put her in a psychiatric ward and refused the innocent mother access to her sick child.

In England a man visiting from Canada who was also very ill with ME has been sectioned in a UK hospital. And this is not just a foreign problem. It happens to Australians too. It has happened to two people I know. Likely more, because it is a shameful thing that people do not want to share.

There is an estimated two hundred thousand people in Australia with  ME/CFS.  Of those a likely forty thousand are house or bed bound, silently screaming for help

The film Voices from the Shadows is a documentary film created by family members of a severely ill ME patient. It speaks for those of us who are unheard. It is important viewing for everybody, but crucial viewing for anybody who loves someone with ME/CFS.

A reviewer from the Chicago Sun Times has written a review almost as moving as the trailer. Scott Jordan Harris ironically is also a soldier in our war. He too has ME. It is worth a read A howl of desperation for those who cannot howl


  1. Beautiful, as always. Thank you for continuing to raise awareness about our plight. XOXO

  2. i know this goes on and still i find it so hard to digest. it is despicable. thank you marzi for another moving post. much love. xxoo

  3. This psychiatric 'treatment' of people with M.E. is horrifying, my heart goes out to those have had this dangerous and sometimes deadly 'treatment' and to their families who have had to watch helplessly.


    xx great post btw

  4. Unbelievable (yet not) about the little girl in Spain, just so wrong, how can this still be happening? I too know of someone of influence with the illness who was sectioned and treated terribly, I mean are they ever treated well and with respect when they're sectioned with this illness - no - because, their illness and its' very existence is being denied by the very act of them being sectioned. We still have along way to go, and only by continuing to promote awareness and not being silent, and hoping that science and the medical field catches up over time will we get there. May those responsible for harming M.E patients (as not all do) in the psychiatric field hang their heads in shame one day and feel the full brunt of the damage they have done to individuals, families and the M.E community, and the wedge they have put in blocking proper research and funding also. Thanks Marzi, great post. xxoo


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