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Monday, 25 April 2011


There was a documentary that aired on SBS Saturday about the Shroud of Turin, to coincide with Easter.  A Professor of Religion and Religious Artefacts was talking about the significance of icons and religious artefacts in centuries past.  That people couldn’t look to medicine, or armies, or politicians in times of grave illness, instead they turned to faith.

It seems archaic, the idea of relying on faith alone to get better.  But when I think about today, and about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), although medicine has come so far, we, like them have no concrete answers and faith in that context doesn’t seem such a foreign concept.

It is the ten year anniversary this weekend of my onset of ME.  And I have discovered this week, that in that decade not much has changed in the attitude of medical professionals towards our illness. 

What underscores our ability to survive and cope with this illness against all that condescension and those dismissive attitudes is faith.  Like all those years ago, we don’t have any tangible solution to hold onto.  They had to put their faith in religion, in icons.  Ours has to be in ourselves.  The only way we get through this is to continue to believe in our instincts and our understanding of our bodies.

With no tests or treatments proven to consistently help all people with ME and CFS, with no answers to the infinite questions, the only other option is to trust ourselves.  To have faith in our own judgement, believe in our instincts. 

My faith has been undermined this week, my trust in my judgement tested, but eventually it will come back.  


  1. big anniversary none of us hope to reach with this illness. you're so right about it being faith in ourselves that gets us though - beautifully put. XXOO

  2. I had the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis (been unwell MUCH longer) a few weeks back too. I think you speak of something really important here...and not often given much attention. Apart from the dogged determination and research (our own !) it takes to keep going, almost more than all that is the importance of ourselves, intuition and good common sense

  3. Thanks Kae. Thank goodness for you guys helping me keep the faith 8)

    Cusp, it does, doesn't it? Certainly for me, I think without that trust in my instincts I would lose the plot.

    Thanks ladies xoxoxo

  4. Really well said Marzi. It is a big anniversary for you. In some ways I am glad it took so long for a diagnosis because I can't imagine what 10 years of the controversy that goes with illness would be like. Hopefully not much longer though. xxxx

  5. Thanks Mel Belle. Tis indeed and it sucks lady, but I did get a bit better at one point, so who knows what the future holds?

    And I absolutely think we're at the tipping point, you may have fabulous timing after all! xoxoxo

  6. so glad you've joined the blogging world because you do a great service to the community.
    i am sorry for you to have reached a decade. it simply sucks. but as you say...your faith in your inner compass will get you through.
    here's hoping not one of us has to endure another anniversary w/o validation and treatment!!!
    much love. xx

  7. Oh Lise, thanks so much I very much appreciate that you take the time to read it.

    Absolutely, that would be wonderful. I fear there's a few more to come, but not too many.

    Big love to you xoxo

  8. Marzi, I really enjoyed this post, and how you talk about the importance of having faith in ourselves. "The only way we get through this is to continue to believe in our instincts and our understanding of our bodies." That is a lesson I'm still learning as I navigate through the maze of this illness. Your writing is wonderful! And full of wisdom. I'm so glad to have the pleasure of knowing you.

  9. Hey Marz,

    Lisa continue to be an inspiration to me xxxxx
    Love you long time xxxxxxooooo

  10. Thanks Mo, it takes so long to learn that.... and it's so easy to undo. Ditto back to you xoxoxo

    Sweet Lis, thanks honey bun. Love you more xoxoxo

  11. Marzi you write with a clarity that is truly impressive. These posts would take the healthiest of people a considerable effort to compose, so I'm sure each message leaves you drained. But I hope you are proud of your work, and I've no doubt your readers appreciate every word. Your writing is like you - beautiful, insightful and clever. (Mads)


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