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Friday, 29 April 2011

Identity Theft

Someone stole my identity.  Not just cards and details, but they actually stole me.  And now I’m lost.  You see I’m not who I used to be, nor who I’m meant to be.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pre-school teacher, I played netball a lot, loved art and writing and then I grew up.  And I played netball a lot, and coached and worked, in admin, usually in fairly high level positions.  I became good friends with all of the staff I worked with, the managers and the directors.  We socialised a lot, I played netball a lot, and I worked hard. 

And then it happened.  Just like losing my wallet. It was that quick.  A thief called CFS AKA M.E. had come in the night and stolen my identity.  I woke up after two years and was no longer me.  I could barely remember my life and certainly couldn’t live it. 

Where there was certainty was now an abyss.  Where there was purpose there was now no need or use.  Where my memories were stored was empty, like a library with all the books checked out.  Where my heart had beaten now was a gaping hole. 

Someone stole my identity.  Someone stole me.


  1. Hey Marz,

    Once again I'm amazed by how you put into words what's in your heart and head.

    Love you long time.

    Lisa xxxxxx

  2. Thanks sweety. You rock I heart you xo

  3. Hey There Lovely Lady : )

    Big Hug ((((AMARA))))

    I see You X X X X

  4. Marzi, it amazes me how you put into words so eloquently exactly what I feel and experience. I often look back on that person I used to be, and feel like she was someone different; I am so opposite from her now. Once outgoing, now quiet. Once an avid exerciser, now a bed potato. Once loved the sun, now I get sick from the sun and heat. And on and on it goes. Love your writing - thanks for sharing it with us! mo

  5. very clever metaphor marzi! it is just as you say. so happy you are sharing your gift of writing with us. crazy hugs!

  6. Thanks Lesley, I'm glad for that xoxox

    Mo, I am happy that it resonates, because it makes me feel less alone, but I am sorry that you have felt this too. Ditto to all you said, that is true of me too. Thanks for your support xoxoxo

    Lise spanks and hugest squishiest hugs back atcha xoxoxo


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